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INRIX® XD™ Traffic covers more roads with greater precision than other services

With INRIX XD Traffic, we are reinventing traffic intelligence networks for a smarter and better-connected future.

With INRIX XD Traffic, we are reinventing traffic intelligence networks for a smarter and better-connected future. Real-time traffic information for every major road type and class from highways, ramps and interchanges to arterials, city streets and other secondary roads – twice as many roads compared to what’s previously been available.

With detailed traffic speeds every 250 meters across 4.6 million miles of road in 40 countries, the service delivers the best routes to drivers and better insight to transportation agencies for improving the performance of our road networks. Through immediate detection of incidents and road closures through anomalies in traffic flows, INRIX anticipates what drivers’ can expect on the road ahead ensuring they always know the better way to go.

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Global Coverage

INRIX XD Traffic provides global coverage across all major countries and cities. Available in 40 countries, including key emerging markets like Russia, China, Brazil, Singapore, and UAE, we analyze traffic information from various sources including a crowd-sourced network of approximately 100 million vehicles and devices. Final_Map

Broadest Regional Coverage

Paris: TMC coverage is limited
Paris: TMC coverage is limited
Paris: INRIX XD Traffic coverage includes significantly more secondary roadways
Paris: INRIX XD Traffic coverage includes significantly more secondary roadways

Real-time traffic information for every major road type and class from highways, ramps and interchanges to arterials, city streets and other secondary roads – twice as many roads compared to what’s been previously available.

For the last 10 years, TMCs have been important in the use of traffic data for INRIX and other companies. TMCs have significant benefit which include providing a set of standard location codes for the market and an industry agency certifies the codes. They also enable location coding in key geographies, and map data often includes them to enable easy decoding. However, TMCs have significant challenges that limit their value as the quality of traffic data has improved:
  • TMCs provide limited breadth. They are not encoded for all countries and geographies.
  • TMCs provide limited depth. They do not cover all traffic-impacted roads within these countries, and when they do, it’s often not at the granularity needed for high quality.
  • TMCs are slow to update. Tables required for aligning traffic information with locations on a map too often lag a year or more behind completion of new bridges, interchanges and other roads.
  • TMCs are not relevant for users without an encoded map.
INRIX XD Traffic is the only service that breaks free from the limits of TMCs, enabling the industry to deliver traffic-powered navigation and driver services on any map or any device in 40 countries. Our coverage is significantly broader and more detailed than the TMC network. INRIX XD Traffic is the only traffic service that supports a broad range of dynamic location referencing methods, including AGORA-C and OpenLR.


INRIX XD Traffic offers the highest quality real-time, predictive and historical traffic data available.

  • Granularity: Delivering traffic data at up to 250 meters resolution on all major roads, INRIX XD Traffic offers more granularity than typical TMC resolutions of 2-5 kilometers (1-3 miles). It enables maximum visibility into actual road conditions, including comprehensive detail on speeds, congestion, and bottlenecks.
  • Insightful: INRIX XD Traffic uses INRIX technologies to provide continuous, fully-automated real-time analysis of planned versus actual outcomes to provide route guidance, travel time predications, and estimated times of arrival. It intelligently combines the best data available from approximately 100 million vehicles and devices. Additionally, INRIX offers the only traffic data using SpeedWaves technology to increase the accuracy of real-time speeds on secondary roads by up to 70 percent. Traffic information is update every minute and our unique predictive models consider current traffic, day of the week, weather, holidays, accidents, and local events to provide more reliable traffic forecasts that historical data alone.
  • Intelligent: INRIX uniquely fuses and delivers the highest quality information on accidents, construction, sporting events, concerts and other events correlating traffic incidents and flow. It provides the best quality road closure data.

    INRIX continues to provide customers with traffic information on road segments using TMCs, but now, INRIX XD Traffic enables us to easily report sub-TMC/segment congestion as part of our TPEG and other connected services.

    INRIX is expanding sub-TMC reporting to XML and traffic tile services.INRIX XD Traffic enhances TMCs without requiring new location referencing models. TMCs remain an important location referencing method for our customers, yet the new INRIX XD Traffic allows for our TPEG service to include XD Segments in addition to the standard TMC segments. XD Segments are the new road segment classification used by INRIX to expand coverage beyond TMCs.

Los Angeles: Each segment can only show a single color to represent all traffic conditions within a segment. 
Los Angeles: INRIX XD Traffic sub-segments show granularity down to 250 meters within a segment.


INRIX XD Traffic provides the flexibility and breadth of options that our customers require to deliver rich and compelling user experiences.

  • Any map, any location referencing: INRIX XD Traffic is the only solution that supports any map and any location referencing.
  • Designed for connected devices:The richness of INRIX XD Traffic data enables our customers to create highly personalized navigation systems, daily driver apps as well as real-time mobile alerts and widgets offering up to the minute insight into traffic ahead, best time to leave, fastest route, travel and arrival time.


Traffic Evolution: Connected Cars & Smarter Cities

Thanks to the ubiquity of navigation technology, getting from A to B has never been easier or cheaper. Getting there quickly and efficiently, though, is another matter altogether, requiring high-quality traffic data and sophisticated analysis. But high-quality traffic data does a great deal more than improve journey times - it is creating the fabric for a new generation of connected cars and smarter cities. INRIX XD™ Traffic is a fundamental evolution in traffic intelligence vital to the industry’s efforts to reduce the individual, economic and environmental toll of traffic congestion.

  • For Drivers: INRIX XD Traffic offers smarter, more comprehensive options for planning journeys and avoiding blind spots. The addition of an extra million miles of roads greatly expands alternate routing options, giving drivers more ways to route around congestion, accidents or road closures. At the same time, they get much more precise and up-to-date information about exactly where traffic starts and ends, allowing them to take evasive action long before they get to the back of the queue - safe in the knowledge they’re being guided to their destination on the best route.
  • For Automakers: INRIX XD Traffic is a major step towards truly connected in-car navigation, and a potentially important differentiator from other vendors. By building greater levels of traffic detail right into their in-car navigation systems, automakers can fundamentally improve the driving experience for their customers. And becauseINRIX XD Traffic removes the cost and complexity of associating traffic with locations on a map, the service provides customers with the flexibility to deliver the best traffic information on the map of choice for their product or service.
  • For Public Sector: More detailed traffic information down to a resolution of 250 meters delivers unparalleled insight to public sector agencies. Transportation agencies can better manage the road network in real time while better analyzing historical traffic patterns to plan future investments. Public Safety Agencies can gain a more detailed understanding of road conditions in order to better position law enforcement when managing vehicle traffic around accidents, work zones, and other incidents. Emergency Management Agencies can more accurately route first responders to locations of need and route critical patients to places of care.

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