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INRIX is at the intersection of connected cars and smart cities.


Like most great ideas, they appear simple and logical once they’re created. INRIX is no different. When the company was founded nearly a decade ago, drivers and departments of transportation relied on expensive sensors installed in a few roads to understand real-time traffic conditions. However, this approach was expensive to install and maintain, and only covered a few roads. INRIX took a different approach, revolutionizing how traffic information was created by analyzing data from the vehicles themselves. The logic was if you could analyze traffic information from the vehicles, you could understand traffic conditions everywhere. Crowd-sourcing and INRIX was born.

INRIX is collaborating with 100's of world class companies to transform how people and commerce move across the world’s transportation networks. As Big Data and the Internet of Things changes everything from where people go and what they do to how they get from place to place, INRIX is at the forefront of connecting cars to smarter cities and understanding the science of traffic.

Today, we operate the most robust driver network in the world that includes 175 million vehicles, smartphones, cameras, incidents and other sensors with the ability to cover over 4 million miles of road, ramp and interchange in 40 countries. The beautiful simplicity of our approach is the more vehicles and devices that connect with us, broadens our data intelligence providing a cycle of increasing accuracy. And INRIX alone can provide it.

However, INRIX does more than just take the guesswork out of traffic. We’re connecting cars for smarter cities every day. Over half of the world’s population is living in urban centers today, and this number is growing rapidly. We’re helping governments tap into Big Data and the Internet of Things to engineer systems for smart cities that go beyond traffic to address the individual, economic and environmental challenges of urbanization.

In addition to making it easier for drivers to navigate their world, our applications and services are helping companies more intelligently locate and manage their businesses.

Our team of Data Scientists are always looking for ways to drive unique insight from data. Please contact us. We would love to collaborate with you.

Customers & Partners

INRIX is collaborating with world class organizations to transform how people and commerce move across the world’s transportation networks. Our strategic partners include leading technology companies, systems integrators, consulting organizations and content providers, as well as private and public providers of traffic-related information.

Leadership Team

The INRIX management team brings together an unparalleled combination of exceptional technical expertise with solid experience in starting and building successful software, services, and hardware businesses.

Board of Directors

The INRIX Board of Directors is a governing board with a diverse group of directors representing a variety of related industries. The board members offer business counsel and expertise in Engineering, Software Technology, Wireless Internet, Automotive and more.

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