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At INRIX it all starts with traffic information. Creating the largest traffic network in the world to gather the best data. Developing sophisticated algorithms and tools to interpret the info. And intelligently combining the data to give the right weight to the right factors.

With superior traffic information as the foundation, we can deliver a unique suite of directions and driver services to help you get consumers where they want to go in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

What good is innovation if you're late to market? To help you take the fast track, INRIX provides access to a portfolio of applications and tools that speed the development of your solutions.

  • Real-Time, Historical & Predictive Traffic Flow
  • Congestion Alerts
  • Journalistic Incident Data
  • Traffic Maps
  • Traffic Cameras
  • 3rd Generation Routing
  • Dynamic Fuel Prices
  • Road Weather Conditions and Forecasts
  • Map & Other Driver Services
  • INRIX DevZone
  • Mobile Development Kit
  • Mobile Commuter Apps
  • EV and Eco-Driving Apps
  • User Portal
  • Alerting
  • Map Display Services