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INRIX Drive Time— an innovative home buying feature redefining
real estate search that leverages INRIX Big Data

Enabling home buyers to first search then assess properties with the actual drive time to work based on true traffic conditions.

Whether your company is a real estate brokerage, MLS or platform provider, understanding the actual drive time to work from a new home is a key home buying criterion for your clients. INRIX Drive Time arms your agents with accurate and trusted drive times based on real-time traffic speeds crowd-sourced from a community of approximately 100 million vehicles and devices, the INRIX Traffic Intelligence Platform. INRIX Drive Time helps home buyers quickly search for new homes then identify the impact to their work commute based on the location of each home they are considering.

A recent study by the National Association of REALTORS® shows that 73% of new home buyers consider drive time to work as a key buying criterion.

INRIX Drive Time search on enables home buyers to search for homes based on the actual drive time from work based on true traffic conditions.

Home Buyer Benefits with INRIX Drive Time:

Find properties that meet critical needs faster:
No more guessing at travel times between work and prospective homes or “drive the route” yourself to find out. INRIX Drive Time enables searching that shows the actual drive time in traffic from each home to and from the buyer’s specific work address.

Understand how drive times vary throughout the day:
Help new home buyers answer “What’s my commute like from each home if I have to be at work at X given time?” Or “What’s my commute home look like from each home if I have to be at home at X given time?” Your website and mobile app can provide an easy way for home buyers to quickly see how their actual drive time varies between prospective homes and work throughout the day.

Decrease buyer’s remorse:
Home buyers don’t like surprises. Understanding the actual drive time to and from work BEFORE purchasing a home, removes a critical unknown for what most home buyers consider to be the biggest purchase they’ll ever make.

INRIX Drive Time on shows home buyers the actual drive time from work to potential homes.

Real Estate Agent Benefits with INRIX Drive Time:

Shortened sales cycles:
Buyers who have access to drive time information are better informed. They have a more focused search which can remove valuable days from the sales cycle.

Decrease buyer’s remorse & increase referrals:
Offering actual drive time data to your clients further reinforces you as a trusted advisor who provides information that is often critical to the home buying process.

You, the agent, don’t guess at the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, year built, or school district for your clients, so why should drive time be any different. By leveraging INRIX expert analysis of drive times from the largest database of real-time traffic information, you take the guesswork out of one of the home buyer’s most important purchase criteria when considering a new home – how long will it take to travel to and from work? For the first time, accurate information on the actual drive time in minutes versus miles is available to agents for home buyers.

Real-time traffic information is updated by INRIX every minute, analyzed and compiled into a historical database. Find out about the data behind INRIX Drive Time.

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Seattle Mom Loves to Search by INRIX Drive Time

Seattle Mom is part of the 73% of home owners who say a short commute is a big part of their purchase decision.

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