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Location, location, location data, 4/1/2014
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Levels of congestion on the rise again in 2013
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Statistics of the week
Planet, 3/1/2014
The state of mind of Big Data: INRIX
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Traffic jams in Europe
Die Welt Online, 3/1/2014
People from Cologne stuck in traffic for 56 hours
Kölner Stadtanzeiger online, 3/1/2014
Do you know the German traffic jam capitals?
Kölnische Rundschau online, 3/1/2014
Two and a half days in crawling traffic
Stuttgarter Nachrichten online, 3/1/2014
App of the year 2014 poll: VOTE NOW!
Auto Express, 3/1/2014
Russia to get real-time traffic services
ITS International, 3/1/2014
Best free apps 2014
Carbuyer, 3/1/2014
Drivers spend 30 hrs each year in gridlock
Daily Telegraph, 3/1/2014
Traffic jams in London 'getting worse'
BBC News Online, 3/1/2014
TV spot
Daybreak, 3/1/2014
UK's worst roads revealed
Highways Magazine, 3/1/2014
Apps and Gadgets for Valentine’s Day, 2/1/2014
BMW partners with INRIX
Le Figaro, 1/1/2014
INRIX coming in the i3 and i8 BMWs
Blog de Geek, 1/1/2014
INRIX Partners with BMW
L'Express, 1/1/2014
On the road, 1/1/2014
Overview: Connected Car, 1/1/2014
K.I.T.T. could become reality
Die Welt Online, 1/1/2014
Rolling computer on tech fair CES
Die Welt Online, 1/1/2014
New navi: Car, bus or train, 1/1/2014
Inrix provides new services to BMW and Volkswagen
Traffic Technology Today, 1/1/2014
Traffic jams incoming !
Le Parisien, 12/1/2013
Big Data to relieve car drivers, 12/1/2013
Hark! It’s the jam-busting angels
Sunday Times, 12/1/2013
Environmental Cost of Congestion
Daily Mail, 12/1/2013
Gridlock in Stuttgart, 11/1/2013
More roads with greater precision
Mobile Business, 11/1/2013
INRIX introduces new XD Traffic service
Road Traffic-Technology, 10/29/2013
Seeking clues to your highway traffic mysteries
The Washington Post, 10/15/2013
Top 10 iPhone Apps for Your Car
How Stuff Works, 10/11/2013
Tapping 'Big Data' to Fill Potholes
Wall Street Journal, 10/1/2013
7 apps to survive on holidays
20, 10/1/2013
INRIX unveils XD Traffic
Le Journal de l'Automobile, 10/1/2013
INRIX unveils XD Traffic
Actualité, 10/1/2013
INRIX launches XD traffic
Le Lézard, 10/1/2013
INRIX improves traffic data, 10/1/2013
INRIX using Big Data to re-route traffic
Thinking Highways, 10/1/2013
INRIX to power future mobility
Automotive World, 10/1/2013
INRIX introduces new Traffic XD service
Road traffic technology, 10/1/2013
5 free apps to avoid congestion, 9/1/2013
The car's digital revolution
La Tribune, 9/1/2013
Google glass
pocket lint, 9/1/2013
Inrix releases new version of Traffic App
Traffic Technology Today, 8/30/2013
Watch How Google Glass Works in the Car
Motor'n News, 8/29/2013
Google Glass Gets Road Test
InformationWeek, 8/29/2013
Traffic and Weather Now Go Hand-In-Hand
TV News Check, 8/15/2013
What's Your Favorite Driving App?
Jalopnik, 7/16/2013
Avoid Traffic Jams with INRIX Android App
Popular Mechanics, 7/15/2013
100 Best Companies to Work For 2013
Seattle Business Journal, 7/1/2013
Summer apps
20, 7/1/2013
The 100 best apps for car drivers, 7/1/2013
Heading for Silverstone today?
the guardian, 7/1/2013
UK drivers feel need for speed
RAC online, 7/1/2013
Smart Cities and Traffic
Enterra Insights, 6/20/2013
Audi launches remote updates, 6/1/2013
Inrix goes forward with Audi
Journal, 6/1/2013
Phone Apps
01 net, 6/1/2013
Audi offers INRIX Park worldwide, 6/1/2013
Popular apps for Windows 8, 6/1/2013
Apps help to find parking spaces, 6/1/2013
Audi drivers get a little help with parking
ITS International, 6/1/2013
Driving Britain
The Economist, 6/1/2013
Audi hits up Inrix to add parking spot finder
European Motor News, 6/1/2013
Study uses GPS to find Austin traffic among worst
Austin American-Statesman, 5/17/2013
CNBC, 5/15/2013
Mother's Day Travel Gifts 2013
LA Splash, 5/8/2013
Technology may better address our problems
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 5/8/2013
The OECD wants a toll in Brussels, 5/1/2013
Lexus finds you a free parking space, 5/1/2013
A lot of luxury for the new Lexus
Autoflotte, 5/1/2013
New Garmin nuvi sat-nav lineup for the UK
European Motor News, 5/1/2013
New Traffic Data Show Impact of Bomber Manhunt
Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/27/2013
Traffic Jam-Evading Apps Save Firms Money
Yahoo! Finance, 4/25/2013
Los Angeles Reclaims No. 1 Worst Traffic Rating
NPR- Morning Edition, 4/25/2013
Report: L.A. tops cities with worst traffic
Associated Press, 4/24/2013
Inrix expands analytics access
ITS International, 4/23/2013
Inrix launches partner program for Analytics suite
Traffic Technology Today, 4/23/2013
Free Real-time Traffic At Your Disposal
Well Connected Mom, 4/20/2013
The Connected Car: 2013 Edition
Sound and Vision Magazine, 4/11/2013
Inrix brings ‘Big Data’ to radio
Traffic Technology Today, 4/2/2013
The top 10 of the most congested towns in France
Journal de l'Automobile, 4/1/2013
The plague of congestion
Le Point, 4/1/2013
INRIX TV App transforms delivery of traffic news, 4/1/2013
Dear capitol!
Stuttgarter Zeitung, 4/1/2013
Traffic jams in Germany 2012, 4/1/2013
As the Economy Heats Up, Traffic Backs Up
New York Times, 3/29/2013
Big Data Has ‘Big Impact’ in Beating Traffic
Wall Street Journal, 3/27/2013
Hacking Google Traffic Data
GPS Business News, 3/21/2013
Inrix system gives home buyers traffic information
Traffic Technology Today , 3/14/2013
App of the Day, 3/1/2013
INRIX system gives home buyers traffic information
Traffic Technology Today, 3/1/2013
INRIX Traffic app review
App Picker, 2/22/2013
Top Apps - Featuring INRIX Traffic
Mail on Sunday, 2/1/2013
INRIX adds parking navigation, traffic app
John Day's Automotive Electronics , 1/14/2013
Portable Navigation Learns New Moves at CES
New York Times Wheels Blog, 1/10/2013
Glimpse of the Future of Parking
NYTimes: Wheels, 1/8/2013
CES 2013 : INRIX plays the parking card
Le Journal de l'Automobile, 1/1/2013
CES 2013 :Find more easily a parking place
Le Monde Informatique, 1/1/2013
China quick review
L'Atelier, 1/1/2013
How your car will use online apps
TechRadar, 1/1/2013
Tapping 'Big Data' to Fill Potholes
Wall Street Journal, 6/12/2012
Real-Time Traffic Info Gets More Real
Wired Autopia, 6/7/2012
Traffic's moving, economy isn't
Automotive News, 5/29/2012
The Key To Traffic-Free Travel
Forbes, 5/28/2012
O.C. freeways among most congested, study finds
The Orange County Register, 5/23/2012
INRIX launches traffic data quality assurance program
Traffic Technology Today, 5/23/2012
Decline in traffic a bad sign for economy
FOX Business News, 5/22/2012
Gridlock eases in many metro areas
USA Today, 5/22/2012
Which city has the worst traffic?
NBC Nightly News, 5/22/2012
Worst cities for traffic (Video)
WJLA (ABC7), 5/22/2012
SoCal's new sustainability strategy is impressive step forward
National Resources Defense Council, 4/12/2012
5 Apps and Websites to Beat Traffic
Huffington Post, 4/9/2012
London in for Olympics congestion 'shock'
Financial Times, 1/18/2012
Turning to Tech on the Road
New York Times, 1/11/2012
Ford SYNC Destinations Upgraded for 2012
Autoevolution, 1/10/2012
Pioneer Announces AppRadio Family
CE Outlook, 1/9/2012
The World's Traffic Info Provider
Seattle Business Magazine, 1/1/2012
Which Startups Will Rule 2012?
Fast Company, 11/22/2011
Inrix will ITIS Holdings übernehmen
Automobilewoche, 7/28/2011
ITIS sold to INRIX for £37m
Manchester Evening News, 7/28/2011
INRIX Makes $60m Offer for ITIS Holdings
GPS Business News, 7/28/2011
Traffic data provider INRIX lands $37M in Series D
Fierce Mobile Content, 7/25/2011
America's Fastest Roads
Forbes, 7/21/2011
Audi A6 fully loaded — and connected
Seattle Times, 7/11/2011
How To Avoid Traffic with INRIX
Mac|Life, 6/28/2011
Vom Stehen und Stauen
Frankfurter Allegmeine Zeitung , 6/22/2011
DC Traffic Ranks Behind Only LA, NYC, Chicago News Now, 3/8/2011
America's 50 Worst Commutes
Daily Beast, 3/8/2011
Baltimore once more rates high in congestion
The Baltimore Sun, 3/8/2011
Seattle traffic is nation's 10th-worst: Inrix
Puget Sound Business Journal, 3/8/2011
San Diego's Worst Commute
NBC San Diego, 3/8/2011
Jax Ranks 58th In Worst Traffic Cities
WJXT Jacksonville, 3/8/2011
INRIX: Traffic Bad, Getting Worse
Northwest Innovation, 3/8/2011
Sync your ride from your phone
CNET (blog), 12/30/2010
Inrix Draws Crowd with Next Gen Traffic App
Strategy Analytics, 10/22/2010
Top 100 most congested Texas Roads
Star Telegram, 9/1/2010
The 100 Most Congested Roads
Texas Tribune, 9/1/2010
America's Fastest Roads
Forbes, 7/12/2010
Breaking Up Bottlenecks
New York Times, 5/21/2010
Unclogging a Traffic Bottleneck in Marin
New York Times, 5/21/2010
It's Official, Philly Traffic is Horrible
NBC Philadelphia, 3/4/2010
Triangle traffic jams cost less time
News Observer, 3/2/2010
It’s the Traffic, Stupid
New York Times "Wheels", 2/25/2010
Drivers Curse Better Economy
NBC San Diego, 2/24/2010
Traffic Improving?
KTRH - Houston, 2/24/2010
Bad times, quicker commutes
Star Bulletin Honolulu, 2/24/2010
Third city in traffic tie-ups
Chicago Sun-Times, 2/24/2010
Valley studies ways to cut traffic backups Phoenix, 2/24/2010
Study: Chicago Traffic Is Really Bad
NBC Chicago, 2/24/2010
Pittsburgh's key roadways earn dubious ranking
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 2/24/2010
Jax traffic congestion slightly better
Jacksonville Business Journal, 2/24/2010
Denver Ranks 15th in Traffic Congestion
ABC7 News Denver, 2/24/2010
America's Worst Traffic, 2/23/2010
Traffic and travel time go up as economy rebounds
The Hour (New Haven), 2/23/2010
Report: Honolulu No. 2 In Traffic Honolulu, 2/23/2010
Software makes commute a snap
Calgary Herald, 2/19/2010
Get There with Time to Spare
The National Post, 2/12/2010
Today In Tech: The Aha Mobile App For iPhone
The Car Connection, 11/12/2009
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, 11/1/2009
App Radar: Volume 2
Android Guys, 10/27/2009
With Commuters Tied Up, Can Recovery Be Far Behind?
Cleveland Plain Dealer, 10/26/2009
With commuters tied up, can recovery be far behind?
Cleveland Plain Dealer, 10/26/2009
Real-Time Traffic Reporting, on Time
New York Times, 9/20/2009
Prince William, yet again, ranks poorly for its traffic
Richmond Times Dispatch, 9/13/2009
Traffic forecast for Sept. 7, 2009
New York Daily News, 9/7/2009
DC area near top of worst traffic list, 9/6/2009
Travel Increasing as Economy Stabilizes
AASHTO Journal, 9/4/2009
Your commute is getting longer DC Radio, 9/3/2009
D.C. named No. 4 on worst traffic list
Washington Business Journal, 9/3/2009
Phoenix traffic stays steady
Phoenix Business Journal, 9/3/2009
Drivers in a Real Jam
New York Post, 9/3/2009
D.C.'s Traffic Gets Worse in Bad Economy
NBC Washington, 9/3/2009
Where you don't want to be this weekend
Chicago Sun Times, 9/2/2009
Study: More Highway Traffic Means Economic Progress
KYW News Radio - Philadelphia, 9/2/2009
Report: Traffic congestion signals an improving economy
TechFlash: John Cook's Venture Blog, 9/1/2009
New iPhone app gives commuters a crystal ball
Washington Examiner, 8/4/2009
Inrix Traffic – iPhone App
GPS Lodge, 8/3/2009
TomTom LIVE U-Turns to INRIX
GPS Review, 6/18/2009
Fifty Best Tech Startups
Business Week, 6/17/2009
The connected car
The Economist, 6/4/2009
Report: Traffic is down in Houston
KHOU Houston, 5/13/2009
Gas price dip lightens load on economy
Atlanta Journal Constitution, 5/12/2009
Report: Economic distress equals lack of local gridlock
Charlotte Regional Business Journal, 5/5/2009
Fewer workers, less traffic - radio interview
American Public Radio's Marketplace, 5/4/2009
Chicago Commuters Face Less Traffic Congestion
Chicago Public Radio, 4/30/2009
N.C.'s cities defy decreasing traffic trend - Charlotte, NC, 4/30/2009
Live Search Adds Traffic Updates to 411 Service
Search Engine Journal, 4/27/2009
'Road pricing' our way out of congestion
The Globe and Mail, 4/21/2009
Crossroad Blues
Freakonomics - Blog, 4/2/2009
Economic slowdown eases traffic
Consumer Reports, 3/19/2009
How Real-Time Traffic GPS Works
Laptop Magazine, 3/4/2009
Most Congested U.S. Cities
Yahoo!, 3/2/2009
D.C.-area congestion drops 26% in 2008
Washington Business Journal, 2/27/2009
Study Says LA, NYC Rank Worst For Traffic
Associated Press, 2/26/2009
Honk If You've Heard This One Before, 2/26/2009
Stuck in traffic today?
Chicago Sun Times, 2/26/2009
A drop in traffic congestion? Unemployed may be behind it
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2/26/2009
America's Most Congested Cities, 2/25/2009
America's Worst Intersections, 2/25/2009
Slow Economy Means Faster Traffic
New York Times, 2/25/2009
Chicago ranked 3rd most-congested city
ABC7 News - Chicago, 2/25/2009
Less traffic on Michigan roads!
Local 4 Traffic - Detroit, 2/25/2009
Portland traffic gets better
Portland Business Journal, 2/25/2009
The Year of HD Radio Portables
Radio World, 2/25/2009
A Silver Lining to the Downturn: Less Traffic
The Wall Street Journal, 2/25/2009
Benchmarking traffic data
ITS International, 2/24/2009
Forbes Chirp Index Sees Its Shadow, 2/17/2009
That Mobile Hot Spot Now Has Four Wheels
New York Times, 2/15/2009
Fewer jobs = less traffic
Cincinnati Enquirer, 1/28/2009
INRIX Selected as Finalist for WTIA 14th Annual Industry Achievement Awards
Washington Technology Industry Alliance, 1/26/2009
Latest Sync grabs its data from the Web
Automotive News, 1/19/2009
Ford: Think of us a technology company
Las Vegas Sun, 1/16/2009
CES: Predicting Traffic Patterns
Wall Street Journal, 1/9/2009
Text of Entire Ford CEO Keynote at CES
The Detroit News, 1/8/2009
New Ford Sync a Seattle mashup
TechFlash, 1/8/2009
"Forbes Chirp Index" Video, 12/23/2008
INRIX Pumps Up Their Coverage
GPS Lodge, 11/18/2008
The Results Business
Thinking Highways, 11/1/2008
Warning! Traffic Jam Straight Ahead
New York Times, 10/30/2008
Less Gas Usage Means Less Cars On The Road
WXIA-TV, Atlanta, 10/23/2008
Atlantans forced off road by gas prices
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 10/22/2008
Compute Your Way Through Traffic, 10/10/2008
The Fleet Spot: Interview with Bryan Mistele
Fleet Management Weekly, 10/2/2008
Pan-European road traffic information
Traffic Technology International, 9/11/2008
Project aimed at avoiding traffic
USA Today, 6/13/2008
'Motorborg' Takes on Traffic Snarls
The Wall Street Journal, 4/14/2008
HOT lanes driven by pay?
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 4/4/2008
Beating Traffic By Joining the Network
Washington Post, 3/25/2008
There's Gold in 'Reality Mining'
BusinessWeek, 3/24/2008
New Services Offer Weather and Traffic Data
The Wall Street Journal, 3/19/2008
I-95 Panel Plans Satellite Traffic-Report Network
Wall Street Journal, 1/29/2008
Sea Changes and Ripple Effects of 2007
Directions Magazine, 12/18/2007
Best of Business 2007 - INRIX
Seattle Business Monthly, 12/15/2007
The Paperless Map is the Killer App
BusinessWeek, 11/26/2007
Traffic Flow Data Provider INRIX Drives on with $15 Million
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 10/29/2007
Real-Time Traffic Moving Into More Applications - An Interview with Bryan Mistele, CEO of INRIX / Podcast
Rebroadcast with Permission, Copyright 2007, Directions Magazine, All Rights Reserved., 9/23/2007
INRIX Looks for Express Lane
Red Herring, 8/31/2007
Early deliveries, flexible hours
Seattle Post Intelligencer, 8/9/2007
US Transportation Secretary Selects Bryan Mistele for ITS Advisory Committee
Intelligent Transportation Systems (U.S. DOT), 7/26/2007
Mobile Probes
Government Technology, 6/1/2007
Traffic reporting for the digital highway
The Daily Transcript, Phil Baker's Blog, 4/23/2007
Get traffic info from the future
CNET/Crave, 3/26/2007
Big things predicted for firms that can see future
Puget Sound Business Journal, 2/16/2007
INRIX Selected as WSA Awards Finalist
WSA (formerly the Washington Software Alliance), 1/19/2007
INRIX Expands Real-Time Traffic Flow Coverage
Telematics Journal, 12/5/2006
Real-Time Traffic Reports? Get Real
New York Times, 12/3/2006
INRIX Announces Dynamic Fuel Prices service
Telematics Update, 10/26/2006
BMW's Real-Time Traffic
Technoride, 9/7/2006
Vehicle location data drives new apps
Mobile Radio Technology, 8/1/2006
The Outsider
Corporate Counsel, 7/1/2006
Navigation Nation
The Mercury News, 5/29/2006
Tech Chronicles
San Francisco Chronicle, 5/25/2006
Kirkland company unveils 'breakthrough' traffic service
KING 5 News (Video & article), 5/23/2006
Telematics Detroit Show Report: INRIX Real-Time Traffic
Ziff Davis "Technoride", 5/23/2006
Navigation Systems Could Triple
The Car Connection, 5/23/2006
INRIX Finds $10M
Northwest Innovation, 5/23/2006
INRIX raises $10 million
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 5/23/2006
Traffic Firm INRIX Gets $10M
Red Herring, 5/23/2006
INRIX Wins "Red Herring Top 100"
Red Herring, 5/22/2006
INRIX Inks Tele Atlas Deal
Red Herring, 5/8/2006
The Impact of Emerging Technologies: Traffic Avoidance
MIT Technology Review, 12/29/2005
View FutureCentric Companies 2005 List
PricewaterhouseCoopers, 12/21/2005
Verizon Unveils Cell Phone Navigation
PC Magazine, 12/7/2005
Traffic Prediction on the Air
Red Herring, 11/10/2005
INRIX Gets Jump-Start From Microsoft
The Wall Street Journal, 10/5/2005
Venture capitalists eyeing Microsoft license program
San Jose Mercury News, 9/28/2005
In-Car Nav: The Right Direction
PC Magazine, 5/18/2005
Microsoft sharing R&D with startups
Seattle Times, 5/5/2005
Microsoft to share technology
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 5/5/2005
Microsoft licensing spare technology
San Jose Mercury News, 5/5/2005
Two startups traffic in freeway data
Release 1.0, 5/3/2005
Microsoft Expands IP Licensing to Startups, 4/11/2005