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Take the fast track to better sales, increased revenues per user

Easily integrate value-added traffic info and travel journey times in your mobile products

Thanks to lower price points, sales of GPS smartphones are unleashing unprecedented demand for "sticky" location-based navigation apps. However, the marketplace is overrun with offerings. To stand out from the crowd and drive increased revenue per user, mobile operators, device manufacturers and application developers need to enhance their mobile apps and PNDs with exceptional features that drive every day use.

That's where INRIX can help. Our portfolio of traffic data services, including accurate real-time and predictive information, provide your customers personalized traffic reports and route advice. And our mobile application developer kit (MDK) and extensive set of APIs ensure you can deliver these enhancements in record time on any platform.

Use mobile solutions from INRIX to take the guesswork out of your customers' daily commutes, providing accurate time-saving answers to questions like these:

  • There's an accident up ahead - is there a better way to go right now?
  • What's the best time to leave and fastest route to ensure I get to my meeting on time?
  • How long will it take to get to my destination? What time will I arrive?
  • Is there an automated way to provide my ETA to the people I'm meeting with?
  • In this weather, what's the fastest route?

  • Mobile Development Kit

    Take the guesswork out of your customers' daily commute in the fastest way possible. Use our MDK to quickly get to market with a branded app across iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and other platforms that provides drivers with the fastest route, best time to leave, travel time and ETA for any destination. Use the same commercial agreement, technical interface, data format, and connected services worldwide for all markets. Create commuter-focused applications to alert users to accidents, construction/road works and other incidents along their route to help them save time and arrive stress-free.

    Applications & Tools

    Traffic-Optimized Routes

    Show customers the fastest routes right now, or in the future using real-time information about traffic conditions in their localities.

    Directions & Driver Services

    Real-Time Traffic Reports

    On your customers' trip, give them insight they can rely on to commute without delay. Only INRIX provides traffic data services covering every major freeway, highway, arterial and secondary road across 20 countries in Europe and North America.

    Traffic Information

    Driver Services

    Give drivers the information they need to navigate their worlds - from alerts about accidents and incidents to recommended routes based on weather conditions to the best refueling and charging station locations along the way.

    Traffic Forecasts

    Want to know what traffic is like right now? That's easy. But how about traffic in an hour, a week or even a year from now? INRIX provides the only traffic forecasts that can accurately predict the future, analyzing commonly known factors like current traffic conditions, day of the week, weather, accidents and road works - not to mention local variables like school schedules and major sporting events. That saves your customers time and annoyance - giving your mobile products a unique selling advantage.

    Traffic Information


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