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With INRIX Traffic on your mobile device you can make smarter driving decisions. We update our Mobile Traffic App from billions of data points to provide you with accurate, real time, traffic information.

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★★★★★- Saves time and money – By knowing traffic conditions ahead I can plan alternative routes. Very helpful!


Your time is precious, don’t waste it stuck in traffic. With INRIX® Traffic you have greater control over your drive, with insights that allow you to discover the best route so you can save time and fuel. INRIX® Traffic takes into account every traffic factor, including traffic congestion, road construction, accidents, events, police activity, and historical traffic patterns to give you the most complete traffic data available. With personalized traffic from INRIX® Traffic, you can make informed driving decisions – like the best time to leave and which route to take.

INRIX Traffic FREE features:

  • Traffic News: Personalize and see all news relevant to your commute on one screen. Never be surprised by event traffic again!
  • Traffic Map: See current traffic conditions, incidents, construction, events, police and road closures.
  • Fastest Routes: See and compare the fastest routes to your top destinations.
  • New Search: Now you can search for temporary places right from the map and share your arrival time.
  • Share Arrival Times: One click to text or email your arrival time to friends and family.
  • Report Incidents: Be a part of a community. Help your fellow drivers by sharing incidents you encounter along your route.
  • Departure Alerts: Notifications for when to leave for an on-time arrival.
  • Traffic Cameras: See even more detail with traffic cameras along your route.
  • Traffic Alerts: Receive live traffic alerts about traffic delays, based on your location and preferences.
  • Cloud Sync: See your saved places and routes on multiple devices.

Premium Version:

  • Unlimited Saved Places: Save and track routes for an unlimited number of places.
  • Fuel Prices: See fuel prices reported via anonymous credit card transactions updated daily.



Here at INRIX®, we don't just appreciate what our customers think, we actually implement their insights to make our traffic application even better. We welcome your feedback, and our online support is available 24/7 to answer your questions.


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