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Game-changing technologies.

Our continuous cycle of innovation fuels your development of breakthrough navigation and location-based service applications.

Every day INRIX makes it easier for your customers to navigate their world through the transformative power of technology. Our research and development efforts continuously deliver new breakthroughs in traffic science such as 3rd Generation Routing, Predictive Traffic, and SpeedWaves™ for accurate traffic on arterials.

3rd Generation Routing with XD™ Traffic

INRIX's 3rd Generation Routing uses our premium XD™ Traffic service to guide drivers to their destinations in the best ways possible. Leveraging the temporal nature of traffic information on road segments along potential routes, INRIX routing algorithms can intelligently evaluate multiple routes and apply the most relevant fusion of traffic information available across each segment of roadway along the entire route. This "look ahead" not only identifies what traffic is like now, but also anticipates how it will evolve.

Predictive Traffic

No two Wednesdays are the same. Using historical traffic patterns alone for forecasting travel journey times relies on false assumptions making them unreliable. INRIX is the only provider to factor in the impact of current traffic conditions, day of the week, weather, holidays, accidents, road construction/road works and local variables like major sporting events and school schedules. That saves commuters and commercial drivers considerable time and money.

Accurate Traffic Info on Arterials from SpeedWaves™

Other companies treat arterials, secondary roadways and city streets like stretches of uninterrupted highway. INRIX's patent-pending SpeedWaves technology is unique because it factors in how traffic lights, stop signs, traffic circles and other natural control tools impact road speeds. As a result, SpeedWaves increases accuracy of real-time traffic information for these roads by more than 70 percent compared to other methods.

You benefit from reliable real-time traffic information for arterials that, in combination with real-time data for major highways, produces better routing options for navigating your customers to their destinations.

Mobile apps for commuters

Navigation is more valuable when your customers can use it every day. As the pioneer of the industry's first commuter app, we've developed a set of technologies, data sets and a user interface that takes the guesswork out of the daily commute with the fastest route, best time to leave, travel journey time and ETA.

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