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It’s easier to plan for the future when you can predict it. We can help.

Our unrivaled historical traffic knowledge combined with real time traffic enable us to give you an advantage today and tomorrow.

It’s hard to imagine a business or industry that isn’t impacted by traffic and congestion. Our combination of accurate historical transportation data and real-time analytics gives you the edge you’ve been looking for. The data we mine goes well beyond road sensors and traffic cameras. By also including crowd sourcing information from smartphones and connected cars we lead the industry in understanding the movement of people and things, not merely automobiles.

What industry are you in... what insight can we offer you?

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We help fleets find efficiency and significant savings

Even a small improvement in efficiency can have a dramatic impact on the costs when you apply them to a fleet. INRIX works closely with fleets and telematics partners around the world to increase efficiency, performance and profit. There are three main areas we accomplish this:  

  • Driver Analytics: INRIX Driver Analytics is a vital tool for improving driver safety and performance of your fleet. This is a web-based service that uses GPS data to deliver information comparing actual speed to posted speed limits. These insights can increase your fleet’s safety and lower insurance premiums. This tool also enables you to automatically monitor fuel consumption compared to actual traffic conditions and can alert dispatchers to congestion and estimate delays.
  • Real Time and Predictive Traffic: Our Real Time Traffic provides accurate, actionable information in speed form or as a visual layer that integrates with your mapping applications. We also provide live Incidents and road closure locations as they occur, with details that inform the length of the delay and the impact on ETAs.

    Our historical traffic data provides hourly average speeds for all significant roads, by direction traveled for each hour of every day. This information improves the efficiency of your route planning by incorporating extremely accurate drive times and reducing non-productive time in traffic. This capability results in tighter plan vs actual drive times and has proven to dramatically increase driver satisfaction.

    INRIX also provides Same Day traffic prediction through our Total Fusion dataset. You learn the most accurate speeds for the current time and can look into the near future to forecast what speeds will be over the next few hours based on conditions, incidents, weather and events.
  • Routing and Drive Time::INRIX makes it easy to create accurate traffic-sensitive routing by leveraging street-level network map data and our traffic data. You’ll receive the optimum route for the current time or for a time in the future. It will also provide up to three route options with associated drive times. The accuracy of this information enables you to better set realistic delivery or arrival information for customers. It also provides vital comparisons that will help you select the closest person in the field in terms of actual time, not distance.

Know the difference between the shortest route and the fastest route.

We’re helping Realtors and homebuyers save time, money and aggravation

In Real Estate, it has always been about location, location, location. But what’s becoming more important about that location is how far it is from work, or daycare or shopping. INRIX Drive TimeTM eliminates the commute time mystery for homebuyers. Instead of “driving the route to work” from every house on their list, they can quickly see accurate drive times for different houses over different times of the day or days of the week. Homebuyers will love their Realtor for adding this real world knowledge to the most anxiety-producing purchase of their life. INRIX Drive Time is also a huge benefit to Realtors. Showings take time. Using Drive Time helps focus their search on a smaller number of properties, shortening the sales cycle. Being able to point out the realities of real drive time before a client buys a home makes the Realtor a hero. Their appreciation is often demonstrated through referrals.

INRIX DriveTM Time on Windermere.com enables home buyers to search for homes based on the actual drive time from work using true traffic conditions.

Increase intelligence when selecting retail locations

We’ve all seen the line of cars waiting to gas up at the station that just “happened” to be on the right side of the street. Siting a retail location has always been a mixture of art and science. Unfortunately, the “science” of monitoring traffic past a location provided unreliable and often misleading information. INRIX Drive Time provides a leap forward in accuracy. Not only can it tell you how many people are driving by a potential retail location, it can tell you when they’re driving by, which direction they’re going and where they are coming from. Drive Time can eliminate some of the guesswork.

Retail Site Selection with INRIX Day Parted Traffic Count.

We just brought billboard advertising into this century

Out Of Home, or billboard advertising, in a lot of ways is from another era. It is one of the last traditional forms of marketing without a reliable way to gauge reach and frequency. INRIX takes the guesswork out of evaluating billboard advertising. Instead of relying on unreliable and incomplete data regarding the audience exposure, we make it measurable through real time volume. We know how many cars are going by, and when. We know how fast they are going by so we can gauge the time they are exposed to the messages. This is extremely important with the newer “digital” signs. Before it was hard to justify increasing a budget for outdoor advertising. Now marketing decisions can be supported with numbers.

Digital Out of Home Ad copy that measures distance in minutes.

We provide the Insurance industry with their favorite thing—numbers

We all know that some roads and highways are more dangerous than others. There are some statics to inform this to a degree. But for insurance companies to develop more accurate underwriting, leading to more competitive rates for personal and commercial coverage, they need better data. We have it. Our deep historical traffic information and current real time traffic provides insurance companies with an unprecedented level of detail for more roads than ever before. Using our historical data, incident time of day information and volume data enables, the number crunchers to more accurately crunch the numbers enabling better, more competitive coverage. Another benefit INRIX provides insurance companies, is easier access to mobile apps that help them connect to their customers. Our easy to use Mobile SDK is paving the way for these companies to add services that engage with their customers in new ways.

Typical accident data for Actuaries and real-time accidents for carrier mobile apps.

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