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The INRIX digital media suite delivers real-time traffic news for broadcast media as a turnkey application solution. The digital media suite helps you better engage with your audiences while providing you with the added benefit of sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

From the local level to statewide and beyond, INRIX content is highly discoverable and can be deployed across multiple platforms. Using high-quality traffic data, apps, and services, our accurate and reliable traffic reports enable you to help your audience save time and money, while simultaneously generating valuable content that is easy to monetize.

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INRIX Radio helps you deliver high-quality traffic news based on the world’s best real-time traffic information. Our application is intuitively easy for radio broadcasters to use, so you can deliver the most up-to-date traffic and travel news for your audience—in minutes. Learn More about key features for radio.

  • Single data source: Based on accurate and trustworthy data, INRIX Radio can significantly reduce your newsgathering costs by enabling a single person to create traffic-news scripts. It offers a single data source for all live traffic information, eliminating the time that journalists spend scouring multiple traffic sources.
  • Focus on news that matters: Search for traffic events relevant to your audience. Search by location, road name, or incident type—plus filter by incident severity or road classification. Alternatively you can include other travel-related incidents (e.g., public transportation, road closures, road works, etc.).
  • Script-editing tools: Search, compile, and broadcast bulletins in minutes. The script-editing panel allows you to easily modify incident descriptions, add detail, and even includes pronunciation advice for unfamiliar locations.
Key Features for Radio
  • Web-based services: No additional hardware or software is required to use INRIX Radio. Log onto the website and start editing.
  • Browse incidents on a map: Every incident is geo-tagged to the map, helping you browse so you can better describe its location to your audience.
  • Intuitive user interface: The drag and drop interface is intuitive and requires limited training. Add live traffic incidents to the script panel in the order that you wish to read them.
  • Updated every two minutes: Each incident contains meta data on when it was created, when it was last updated, as well as information on cleared and other non-traffic, travel-related events.

Easily source, script and deliver traffic news reports in minutes with INRIX Radio.

INRIX TV: Traffic News for TV

INRIX TV delivers live traffic news to any size station, in any market, in a matter of minutes. It combines the world’s utmost-quality, real-time traffic data into a simple-to-use iPad app. The best part? INRIX TV doesn’t require any expensive hardware or support contracts. Learn More about key features traffic news for TV.

  • Engaging traffic reports: INRIX TV makes it easy for you to broadcast live traffic congestion, incidents, and events—all based on accurate, real-time traffic data. Add additional rich content, such as traffic camera feeds and key route travel times.
  • Go anywhere traffic reporting: Being ultra-portable, journalists no longer need to be confined to their news desk or studio, enabling your team to create news packages in the field.
  • Revenue generation and cost savings: In addition to generating new advertisement inventory around traffic news, INRIX TV can help reduce cost by eliminating the time reporters spend scouring multiple traffic sources—thus reducing the time it takes to produce reports.
  • Plug and play connectivity: INRIX TV plugs right into your station’s vision mixing desk via HDMI and outputs in high definition 1080p quality.

Key Features for traffic news for TV

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use: Manage scenes and add layers of traffic content all in a simple video timeline.
  • Integrate social media: By using INRIX TV, you can leverage your Twitter community to break traffic news and encourage audience engagement.
  • Create your own business model: INRIX TV generates ad-free content that you can wrap with your own sponsorships, offering new sources of revenue and/or sponsorship.
  • Low cost platform: With INRIX TV, you pay only for the content you want, eliminating the need to buy expensive hardware or software.

"INRIX is easy to use...I can get a real feel for where problems are and better judge how they might affect our listeners.”

- Scott Myers, Breakfast Producer, UK Regional Station

INRIX Mobile Development Kit

Help keep your listeners moving when on the road by developing your own traffic app. Our Android and iOS SDKs contain full documentation, sample UI and code libraries that support key use-cases, including:

  • Display real-time traffic speeds on maps
  • Alerts to accidents, construction, road closures, events and other incidents
  • Calculating travel times and ETAs in traffic
  • Ability for app users to report and share alerts to accidents, construction and incidents with the community

For more information register at our developer zone.

INRIX Connected Services

INRIX Connected Services is a suite of APIs that provide traffic information and location based services to connected devices over the Internet. These fully documented APIs can be used to build a wide variety of compelling client applications and services that provide users with the most useful, timely, and accurate information. Some examples of applications that can be built on INRIX services include:

  • Integrated views of traffic flow and incident information, incorporating real-time and
  • Integrated traffic-influenced routing with other information based on real-time and predictive traffic
  • Customized traffic-based alerts
  • Traffic data maps, rendered without need for client-specific imagery licensing
  • Rich INRIX location based information service

For more information register at our developer zone.

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