Getting drivers where they need to be isn’t guesswork: it’s science.

Our real-time traffic data provides precise global coverage and the best insight into what’s happening on the road

With the increasing popularity of smartphone apps, connected car buyers expect more from in-vehicle infotainment systems. That’s why our deep expertise in crowd-sourcing, Big Data analytics and location technologies ensure automakers benefit from these breakthrough tools and technologies.

Beyond displaying traffic for a few highways on a map, providing real-time data for the roads drivers are on has become an imperative tool for global automakers. The fastest routes, most convenient driver services, and other automotive services that save time, money, and frustration are but a few of the advantages INRIX provides. But don’t take our word for it—just ask our automotive customers.

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Automotive Products

Our automotive products fall under two categories:

INRIX Traffic Information Services: Offers the broadest and highest quality traffic information available in more countries and on more roadways.

Connected Driver Services: Offers a portfolio of automotive-grade connected-navigation services that drivers can rely on anytime.

INRIX Traffic Information

In more countries and on more roadways within metropolitan areas, our Traffic Information offers the broadest and highest quality traffic information available using the science of advanced algorithms and heuristics. Our products include:

  • INRIX Real-Time Traffic Flow: INRIX analyzes billions of real-time data points, sourced from road sensors and our own crowed-sourced network of 175 million vehicles and devices.
  • INRIX Fusion Traffic Flow: Provides comprehensive speed data that leverages current, historical, and predictive traffic information across the roadway network. Ultimately, INRIX Fusion Traffic Flow helps extend traffic data coverage.
  • INRIX Traffic Tiles: Combines images with vectors representing color-coded traffic conditions on road segments. Automakers can display overlays of INRIX traffic flow, journalistic incident data, and traffic cameras over an existing map platform.
  • INRIX XD™ Traffic: XD Traffic includes 4 million miles of real-time global coverage. Leveraging an ever expanding array of data from a range of sources, including fleets, cars, road sensors and cell phones, INRIX XD Traffic is built to increase road coverage and improve detail, while maintaining high quality and reliability. XD gives detailed visibility down to 250 meters, interchange ramps and arterials while delivering a single, integrated picture of real-time conditions across North America and Europe.
  • INRIX XD Incidents: Generated from multiple incident sources with editorial oversight, each XD incident includes data that helps it articulate its precise location on any roadway, its impact on traffic and journalistic description of the incident. Incident types include, accidents, road closures, events and construction, in addition to Flow Incidents.
  • INRIX Traffic Incidents: Generated from multiple incident sources, each incident includes data that helps articulate its location on major roadways, its impact on traffic, and description of the incident. Incident types include, accidents, road closures, events and construction.
  • INRIX Flow Incidents: Offers incident information related to specific areas where traffic congestion is occurring. Includes key details such as road segment location, roadway description and speed.
  • INRIX Route Travel Drive Time: Gives drivers travel time information for pre-configured destinations, including comparisons among alternative route options.

INRIX Connected Driver Network:  Largest driver network in the world, 175 million vehicles and devices – and growing.

"Across North America and Europe, INRIX powers 75% of the top 10 connected car manufacturers."

-INRIX Analyst

Connected Driver Services

From finding the closest fueling station, to locating available parking spots in garages, to receiving severe weather reports, automakers can benefit from our proven agility to help stay ahead of the competition. Taken together, these content services give vehicle manufacturers the ability to differentiate and broaden their range of services (not to mention revenue prospects). These services include:

  • Parking: Aggregates the best static and dynamic parking content to help drivers find the least expensive, closest, and available parking near their destination.
  • Traffic Cameras: Provides real-time images from traffic cameras along major roadways to supplement the traffic information.
  • Dynamic Fuel Station POI & Pricing: Provides real-time fuel prices by grade for all major fuel chains, as well as station location, amenities, and payment options.
  • Weather Conditions and Forecasts: Provides local area current temperatures, forecasted weather conditions, and severe weather alerts.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations: Offers EV charging locations that can be placed on a map, along with relevant data including the type of plug, voltage, amenities and where available, dynamic occupancy status.
  • Geocoding and Local Search: The ability to search for local businesses, addresses, or general POIs and place them on a map (and vice versa).

INRIX Driver Services: Contextually relevant Driving Content & Services

The INRIX Advantage

  • Gives automakers the ability to differentiate their products and drivers the power to go anywhere.
  • Provides traffic data and services to the leading car manufacturers.
  • Reduces schedule and financial risks while simultaneously ramping up the quality of your products by standardizing on a single global technology platform.
  • Get a unified commercial and technical interface with a common set of global APIs.
  • Supports all standard traffic data protocols, including TPEG over IP, RDS-TMC, VoiceXML, and XML.
  • Data and services scale across vehicle platforms and volumes.
  • The most extensive and longest continuously running quality validation in the world.
  • INRIX provides traffic services to a global audience.

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