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INRIX provides a comprehensive portfolio of traffic-powered solutions across Europe for the automotive, mobile, public sector, fleet, Internet and media markets.

We deliver the broadest and highest quality traffic information available, providing coverage in more countries and more roadways within cities than any other company. Our deep expertise with traffic data, mobile apps and automotive platforms ensures you have access to breakthrough technologies and tools.

We go further by providing your customers with insights into the fastest routes, travel journey times and other driver services that save time and money while reducing fuel consumption.

Benefits of INRIX European Solutions

  • Simplicity. One commercial agreement, one technical interface, one data format, one set of homogeneous connected services across Europe and North America
  • Accurate real-time traffic information for 18 countries and 500,000+ kilometers across Europe
  • An automotive-grade, traffic-services platform your customers can rely on anytime, anywhere
  • Scalability across vehicle and mobile device platforms
  • Leading-edge technology innovations that help you stay ahead of the competition and extend the life of your products
  • Support for all standard delivery protocols: TPEG over IP, RDS-TMC, VoiceXML or XML
  Because of these benefits, Navigon, The Ford Motor Company, Motorola, ALK and other leading companies have selected INRIX solutions for use in Europe and other regions.


Partner with INRIX for Europe

Are you a provider of regional traffic information, driver-related content services or technology solutions? INRIX is partnering with dozens of best-of-breed companies to deliver the best pan-European services on the market. If you are a GPS tracking system provider or manage a fleet of vehicles equipped with GPS systems, INRIX may want to include your vehicles in our rapidly growing Smart Driver Network of anonymous GPS-enabled vehicles providing real-time data as input to our traffic content. Contact Us to learn more about the benefits of partnering with INRIX.


Real Time Traffic Coverage Worldwide

The best and broadest real-time pan European traffic coverage.

   Traffic Coverage in 40+ Countries


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Danny Woolard

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