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Stand out from the crowd.

Differentiating your products starts with using the best traffic information available.

Your customers demand more than just information, they want insight. Insight they can rely on everyday to better navigate their world.

INRIX collects more real-time traffic data, from more sources around the world, than anyone else in the industry. Our comprehensive approach allows you to provide your customers with unparalleled knowledge of what's happening on the road. This knowledge is power. Power that sets your products and services apart from the competition.

Best and broadest coverage internationally

Only INRIX provides real-time traffic coverage on every major roadway for 40 countries. This includes:

  • One million miles of real-time traffic flow on highways and arterial roads in the U.S. and Canada.
  • One million kilometers of real-time traffic on primary and secondary roads across Europe.
  • A total of 4 million miles of coverage in 40 countries, with ongoing expansion of our international coverage.

Powered by the largest traffic network in the world

Nobody collects more data from more sources than INRIX. We're redefining the delivery of real-time traffic information in the following ways:

  • The only crowd-sourced traffic network built on a foundation of commercial fleets - taxi cabs, delivery vans and long-haul trucks and a growing community of consumer vehicles and mobile devices.
  • Incident information from a community of agency providers as well as
  • The only traffic service that factors in the impact that weather concerts, sporting events, school schedules and other unique local variables have on traffic.
  • All continuously reporting every minute of the day ensuring the most accurate real-time view of traffic.

Superior quality from best-in-class analytics

Accurate traffic reporting is a function of combining quality sources with world-class analytics. INRIX's Fusion Engine maximizes data quality, using advanced, proprietary statistical analysis to accurately process data from GPS-enabled vehicles and mobile devices with traffic-related information from more than 400 public and private sources including road sensors, incidents, construction and other traffic-impacting events.

Our commitment to quality extends to improving our systems, processes and methods that validate, measure and verify the accuracy of incoming traffic reporting data - daily. Using the Kaizen process, INRIX takes accuracy to new heights.

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