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A solid foundation for game-changing navigation services your customers can rely on every day

Satisfy savvy auto buyers and demanding shareholders through innovation

With the increasing popularity of mobile apps on smartphones, car buyers today expect more from in-vehicle infotainment systems including seamless integration of their mobile phones and smooth operation of mobile apps in the vehicle. INRIX's deep expertise with mobile apps and platforms guarantees you benefit from breakthrough technologies and tools that don't just stop with the best traffic information. We go further providing your customers with insights into the fastest routes, travel journey times and other daily commuter services that save time, money and reduces fuel consumption. Benefits of INRIX Automotive Solutions include:

  • One commercial and technical interface, one data format, one set of homogeneous services across Europe and North America.
  • Support for all standard delivery protocols: RDS-TMC, TPEG over IP, VoiceXML or XML.
  • An automotive grade traffic services platform your customers can rely on anytime, anywhere.
  • Scalability across vehicle platforms and volumes.
  • Built-In Agility. As INRIX sets the pace for the industry with the latest technical advancements and connected services offerings, you benefit from a built-in agility that helps you stay ahead of the competition and extend the life of your products.

That's why Ford teamed with INRIX to deliver the game-changing Ford SYNC® with Traffic, Direction and Information (TDI). Our global partnership helps Ford create a competitive advantage that's driving increased sales and attracting younger customers.

Traffic Services

Deliver accurate and comprehensive real-time, predictive and historical traffic information for 20 countries across North America and Europe anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Traveler Services

Provide commuters with the fastest route, travel journey time and ETA. Give drivers the ability to see the road up ahead, get alerts to accidents and incidents, navigate around a traffic jam, and even find the closest, cheapest place to refuel.

Go Mobile

Easily integrate compelling mobile and off board apps and services build powerful apps for any platform with our mobile applications developer kit (MDK). And use our extensive set of APIs to quickly integrate traffic, travel journey times, fueling locations, camera images, and weather impacts into your on-board and mobile apps.

Eco Services

Eliminate range anxiety for electric car owners by showing them routes that minimize battery drain, with all the charging stations along the way. Support the eco car movement by promoting "green" driving across your entire vehicle portfolio.

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