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Applications & Tools

A real shortcut on the road to success.

Do-it-yourself developer tools, white label apps and personalization services to help you quickly deliver compelling experiences for your customers

At INRIX it all starts with the traffic data - but it doesn't end there. We also provide a rich and ever-growing portfolio of expert developer resources to streamline your time to market. Our developer tools make it fast and simple for you to customize INRIX info and services to your needs. Interested in private-label commuter apps you can leverage and brand? Check out our white label apps. Want to personalize your customers' experiences? Our personalization resources make it a snap.

Developer Tools


Here's the fastest way to deliver valuable traffic information, routing, and other content services in the car, over the Web and on mobile devices. In addition to sample applications and code libraries, the developer zone provides API access to the connected services platform, routing engine and content, greatly simplifying the creation of your applications.

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Mobile Development Kit (MDK)

Speed to market new navigation and location-based apps that integrate smartphone functionality with in-car display and/or voice controls. Gain access to the INRIX Mobile Gateway to enable device level registration and authentication, render mobile traffic data maps, and create customized traffic-based alerts. Using INRIX's MDK, it's easy to create driver-friendly HMIs, plus leverage code from our highly popular commuter apps.

White Label Apps

Mobile Commuter Apps

Most drivers drive the same routes over and over - such as "home to work" and "work to home." You can provide incredible value to them in delivering accurate travel times for daily commutes.

INRIX's Mobile Commuter apps take a new approach to navigation by leveraging the off-board turn-by-turn routing showcased in the Ford Motor Company's high profile launch of Ford SYNC with Traffic, Directions and Information and the unique experience highlighted in the successful introduction of our innovative mobile app, INRIX Traffic! Pro.

Electric Vehicle & Eco Driving Apps

Use our green routing solutions to eliminate range anxiety and generate highly customized eco-routes that reduce fuel consumption and emissions. INRIX leverages sophisticated routing algorithms that maximize free-flowing freeway and highway travel, as well as select routes with minimal grade and traffic control measures, like traffic lights, to help drivers go further.

Personalization Services

Create a highly personalized driving experience for your customers with INRIX hosted services. We provide a customized Web portal platform and alerting and map display services you can control while allowing users to easily establish unique preferences. As a result, you can send customized traffic alerts, commute recommendations, and other notifications when and how drivers prefer on the Web, via SMS or smartphone or via a connected in-car navigation solution.

User Portal

Accessible on the PC and mobile devices, INRIX-hosted User Portals seamlessly integrate INRIX traffic data, third party dynamic content, map displays, and alerting.


Provide commuters with timely alerts to weather, traffic congestion, faster routes and best time to leave, in order to help them better plan their trips.

Map Display

Create customized branded maps containing just the content you want - traffic, fuel stations, weather forecasts, POIs and more - and in the style you prefer to ensure the maps display correctly on smartphones, connected navigation devices and web portals.


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